Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Pain pain paiiiiiinn!!!!!

After months without posting I have decided to throw in a post as a therapeutic tool to deal with a dry socket.

I got my left wisdom teeth removed last week and it is something I would not wish on my worst enemy (but perhaps I would on Maná members).

The few hours after the surgery were an ordeal. I sat on the couch, overdosed on Vicodin, only to feel the most ridiculous pain I've ever had to endure. I threw an Haitian curse at my parents for having me. I cursed my dentist, his staff, their families and their pets. I was ready to die.

Then Ojos suggested taking Ibuprofen between my Vicodin dosages, and life was bearable again. I recovered my senses. Vicodin would put me out, make me feel like in a Trainspotting scene (I imagine Underworld music on the background), ibuprofen would carry me through my next dosage. And life was happy.

Then over the weekend I started to perceive a bad taste from the back of my mouth. I don't mean just bad-I-forgot-to-brush-bad taste, but really really bad I-just-got-McDondald's bad taste.... then slowly came the pain... and then the over the phone confirmation: I have a dry socket.

I have spent the last few minutes (or hours? can't really tell on this pain) googling on the condition and trying to appear productive. Optimistic articles say oain can last for a week, others mention up to 6. As my dentist appointment approaches I write this hoping it will provide some sort of relief, even if it's only the vent.

I don't know why the CIA hasn't tried this as an interrogation technique. Just extract a lower wisdom tooth, and let the suspect scream in excruciating pain. If I was f***ing dying on Vicodin (I mean, House M.D. takes it, it is DA SH*T), can't imagine how would it feel with no pain killers.

Then, to add some fun, take out the clot so a dry socket develops. I guarantee a 99% success rate in obtaining useful information for law enforcement (I leave the 1% in case someone like Sayid Jarrah actually exists).


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A sense of humor with a side of toast said...

Getting your wisdom teeth out sucks! I remember when I got mine out and they gave me percocet which gave me projectile vomiting...and the only thing I wanted to eat was peanut m&ms and those weren't allowed...and then I used a straw to drink something and went into panic mode because I forgot I wasn't supposed to...yeah overall "suckiness"

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