Wednesday, 14 October 2009

It happened

Ojos got a nice job, its corresponding visa, and was accepted to two US top-20 MBA programs. This has several implications.

Great ones:

  • Ojos will keep kicking major butt in her already successful career.
  • Ojos will keep moving towards her ultimate goal of World domination.
  • This automatically qualifies us for the famous DINK status (yeeeeeeey).
  • We got a nice Honda Fit Sport 2008 so Ojos can drive to work and we’ll finally be able to have some weekend escapes.

Not so great ones:

  • The IRS hates us DINKies. As such, we have to claim as fewer allowances as possible in our paychecks, so Uncle Sam doesn’t jump on our income when we make our taxes next year.
  • I don’t cook as well as Ojos. I mean I’m a great cook because, as Robert Rodriguez says, “not knowing how to cook is like not knowing how to fuck”, but just not as good as she is. We don’t have the time for experimental stuff now.
  • We’ll have to change our December vacation plans, giving US Airways more money in the process.

All in all the balance is absolutely positive. We completed this successful transition 6 months into our marriage. Keep it coming!

I want my rain back!!!!


These past days have been rainy in CLT. The problem is that it isn't a real rain like in Mexico. It’s a little, tiny, light, but abundant rain… that has the additional quality of lasting all the freaking day.

It kills me. In Mexico it’s always a heavy as hell rain, but it only lasts a few minutes, couple of hours maximum. Several theories have been made around it:

  • Being a land of Machos, rain plays along and hits hard.
  • Radioactive elements of Mexico City’s share of the atmosphere create a heavier rain.
  • The presence of Tlaloc.
  • English were stupid for establishing a city in the middle of the forest, where rain is light, tiny and lasts all freaking day and I was stupid for coming here.

Whatever it is, I don’t entirely like it.

Thanks for stopping by… I promise to write something worth reading one day.