Friday, 17 July 2009


Since life keeps happening whether you blog or not, here is a small list of updates...

1) I'm moving in two weeks to a brand new flat in South End, near Uptown Charlotte and Dilworth. It is basically 1 block from my current apartment, but the community has nice advantages: you can borrow a bycicle to go places (handy when you don't have a car), the interior design is awesome, we'll have a mini second floor, and we'll have many neat restaurants at less-walking distance.

2) Ojos is applying to MBAs. She will kick ass as usual.

3) The NC Music Factory opened at Charlotte, featuring "The Fillmore." Having a Fillmore here guarantees some decent concerts in the World Capital of Boredom (it's actually not that bad but the nickname sticked). First decent concert will be Collective Soul, August 28th.

4) I still haven't bought a car. Basically becaue I don't want more debt in my back (I'm still fighting the credit card debt from Mexico)... but sometimes I just want one so bad. For instance, each time I go to Wal-Mart, each time I think about going to Atlanta for a weekend... or Myrtle Beach! ...

Coming soon in the next post: something worth reading.


Mich said...

Mini Cooper CV 2005 cool-blue con solo 43000 millas, bara-bara.

Nancy Delgado said...

Hi friend ... so you are moving to Charlotte !!! sounds like a fun place ... well at least better then Maryland :( loll anyways keep us updated !

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Ericka said...

Another reason for not buying a car... your gorgeous new public- transport-only body weight and distribution. :)

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