Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Let Me Google that For You

Ooooooooooobviously, there will be a post about my wedding, marriage and stuff. It was wonderful and married life has been great so far.

But that's not the subject of this post... "Let me Google that for you" is.

I'm sure that you know a lot of people who simply WON'T google and instead, they ask YOU how to do something. Let me Google that for you is a great educational tool so people will stop bothering you and start asking Uncle Google, who knows all answers.

Quick example. John Doe wants to know what a prompt in MicroStrategy is. Instead of googling it, he decides to ask Coller.

John Doe says:
Coller. What is a prompt in MicroStrategy?

Coller says: prompt

John Doe will now get his answer and will -hopefully- learn to google stuff. Amazing!

Now go and use it.