Monday, 26 January 2009

Salsas in the US

Hot sauces are a basic ingredient of Mexican food. Arriving to the US I found they had different varieties and classifications for hot sauce.

The classification normally has the following levels: mild, medium mild, medium hot, hot, very hot, extremely hot and some places have one called infierno.

It looks complex at first! Especially for Mexicans who just arrived to the country... you want salsa, but you remember that in Mexico "extremely hot" usually means something crazy, like habanero or mashed dried chile de árbol... very hot stuff.

Well... no more suffering and wondering... after trying all the salsas they serve in different quasi-Mexican restaurants like Chipotle, Sandía, Cantina 1511 and Jolina, among others, I have prepared the following table to illustrate how salsas in the US correspond to how hot that salsa would be in Mexico:

  • If you ask for mild.... you'll get mild
  • If you ask for Medium mild, you'll get mild
  • If you ask for Medium hot, you'll get mild
  • If you ask for Hot, you'll get mild
  • If you ask for Very Hot, you'll get mild
  • If you ask for Extremely Hot, you'll get mild
  • If you ask for Infierno, you'll get mild
There you go, now you can have any salsa in the States and know EXACTLY what to expect!!!!


Mich said...

How to know if a Mexican restaurant is at least bearable:

-The name isn't a card from the "loteria".
-Doesn't have classifications for hot sauce.
-They don't sell "fish" tacos.

And please, stay away from any "al pastor" attempt.

Coller... said...

Oh man the "al pastor" attempts are the worst.

I just saw a restaurant that claims to have "Mariscos estilo Nayarit"... I have to at least try it.

And who the heck makes fish tacos?

Anonymous said...

You must come to the restaurants I've found in Seattle. So far I've tried :

1 Menudo
2 Quesadillas de Chicharrón prensado
3 Gorditas de guisado
4 Consome
5 Barbacoa
6 Carnitas
7 Mole
8 Tinga
9 Quesadillas de sesos, etc.

And the most important part !

The best habanero/guacamole sauce you will find in the US...


Coller... said...

I knew I should have gone west...

Chicharrón prensado!!! quiero!