Sunday, 4 January 2009

I'm back in town...

After 2 weeks in Mexico (one at Acapulco, one at the city) I'm back to Charlotte, a much more uninteresting place hehe... but hey! they pay in dollars.

Well, since I bought my ticket with American Airlines I was sure something wrong was going to happen. For some reason, the CLT-DFW-MEX leg was flawless. I even started thinking of using AA more frequently... but then, in the return trip today, my bags didn't make it to Charlotte with me (and therefore my toothbrush, deodorant, and a bunch of other things).

I have used AA in a total of 6 trips and they have managed to lose my bags in 3 of them!!! 50% effectiveness!!! I just can't believe these guys!!!!!
  • 1st time I was returning to MEX from Trinidad & Tobago, via Miami. The bags arrived 2 days laters, with a tag from JFK (the bags were sent to New York!!!)
  • 2nd time they cancelled my Santo Domingo - Miami flight and sent me to San Juan and then to Orlando where I took an AeroMéxico flight to MEX. The bags stayed at San Juan for 1 more day, and I received them 1 hour before taking a cab back to the airport for a flight to France.
Why does American Airlines hate me? Any ideas?

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