Friday, 30 January 2009

From Windows Live Writer

I’m experimenting Windows Live Writer, a desktop client for blogging from the Empire. So far the experience has been pretty solid: an open platform that can be used for blogging not only in Live Spaces, but also in Blogger (hence this experiment), WordPress, among others.

It features a nice architecture that allows the use of plugins. The following picture, for instance, is from my PicasaWeb account and I’m inserting it using the Picasa Link plugin. It basically loads your albums and images to a side bar so you can choose the one to insert from there.

Another plugin is for Live Search maps. Here is where I live (or how it was some time ago… MSFT apparently had some delay on the pictures, when compared to Google Maps):

Map picture

And everything is done with a few clicks. It even loads your template! It’s a true WYSIWYG.

It’s really surprising for a Microsoft product. Besides, the latest version of Messenger finally respects my decision of having Firefox as my default browser and doesn’t try to use IE when I click the Hotmail icon.

Recommended piece of software. Only thing I’d add is to load my tags (it has some tags providers but I don’t use any of those… I just want my bloody regular tags).

Download from here

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