Friday, 5 December 2008

Coller officially declares...

That no decent bands ever stop at Charlotte.

Here is a list of the recent and soon-to-come concerts in the Queen City, I highlighted the worst ones:

  • New Kids on the Block (what? they still exist? and people pay to see them?) 10/30/2008
  • 3 Doors Down (pffft) 12/12/2008
  • Neil Diamond (I'm not that old) 12/12/2008
  • AC/DC (maybe 20 years ago... not now) 12/18/2008
  • Eagles (not bad but I insist... I'm not that old!) 1/14/2009
  • Elton John and Billy Joel (I respect them... but c'mon now! What's the average age in this place?) 3/7/2009
  • Robin Williams (that's it, I'm leaving, I closed the browser before taking note of the date)
Last summer was good, so I haven't completely given up on this place... the city got The Cure and Stone Temple Pilots... but of course I wasn't living here back then.

My hope now is Atlanta... 4 hours drive... I'll check the dates and post if there's anything interesting over there.


TeLLeZ said...

:O calmado ehhh!

New Kids on The Block es el rencuentro asi como Timbiriche el rencuentro 1, 2 y 3.. su mejor cancion es Tonight, y el hermano de Marky Mark alias Mark Wahlberg ahi se inicio... aun es actor pero he sucks como actor... la song... mi hermana la escuchaba cuando iba en la secu... AC/DC acaba de sacar un nuevo album, Black Ice, es super bueno!!! su mejor song (no del nuevo album) es Big Gun.. los boletos en Paris volaron!


Mich said...

Si Atlanta te queda 'relativamente' cerca, entonces Bonnaroo (en Manchester, TN) es tu option.

Coller... said...

AC/DC podría ser actually... A fin de cuentas Back in Black es Back in Black y Highway to Hell es Highway to Hell, sin importar la edad...

Que no LA ROLA de los NKOTB era esa de step by step? jeje lo recuerdo difusamente...

Manchester, TN ya son como 5hrs y media :S ... pero en una de esas sí jeje