Friday, 22 August 2008

Tough Babies

Siempre me ha gustado leer The Onion, suelen ser graciosos y atinados en sus parodias, y creo que la noticia de la semana pasada ha sido lo mejor que he leído en los Iu Es Ei:

Aquí el artículo completo.

Las mejores frases:
  • "You'll notice a difference after just one use," said Michelle Baker, head of new product development. "Whether it's your newborn's more hardened appearance, the way he now approaches people with guarded skepticism, or just that look on his face that says, 'Oh wait, maybe life isn't all hugs and kisses and rainbows. Maybe I need to get my fucking act together.'"
  • In 2003, Fisher-Price unveiled a new adventure play set containing 85 easy-to-choke-on pieces, and in 2006, the Walt Disney Company introduced an interactive DVD entitled Baby's First Brush With A Cruel And Unforgiving World.
Es grande.

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