Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Engagement! (or Dubai - the relevant part)

It was around 3.30pm when the guys from Arabian Adventures picked us up at the hotel. We drove around 40 minutes south of Dubai, and entered the Dubai Desert Preservation Reserve.

The first part of the safari was a dune ride. Fun stuff, it's like a roller coaster =)

The thing in front of us is sand, we were like 85° to the ground

After that we were supposed to have dinner with everyone in the camp, but I had arranged something different with Arabian Advantures: a camel ride.

But where did the camels take us? Well, to a perfectly arranged Arabian carpet in the middle of the desert, with candles, a torch, a barbecue and the staff ready to serve dinner =)

Then we had dinner (delicious food: lamb, chicken, beef, gravy, rice and middle eastern entries).

Then the stars appeared, and under such a perfect setting I asked the mother of all questions. Getting an "are you serious?" as a response. I took it as a yes, and put her the ring... =)

THE ring baby!!!
It was basically the best day of my life.

2 days later (we were so tired that we took a day off and stayed in the pool) we had breakfast at the Burj Al Arab, which was expensive but nice. Once you reserve (and pay) they let you visit the public areas of the hotel, which are truly spectacular.

Then we went to the beach, and afterward to Jebel Ali, a new residential zone, to board a Cessna Caravan 8 seaplane and take an aerial view of the city.

Magic day, magic trip, magic person to share it with... it can't get any better than this! I bet!

Now the expensive and stressful part is coming, but I'm currently high on life and hardly thinking about it.

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Marcos Legaspi said...

tsss que bien. tsss que envidia.