Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Dubai - the irrelevant part

I spent 10 days in Dubai last month (4 working, the rest on vacation). My now fiancée joined me for the vacation part (finally having hundreds of thousands miles in my Flying Blue card paid off!).

Even if it's largely influenced by the US and the UK, the place still has some peculiarities:

1. Camel milk. We weren't brave enough to taste it:

2.In the Emirate Malls I kissed Ojos, a security guide told us to not do it again and gave us a "courtesy policy." It's so stupid I took picture:

"No kissing or overt displays of affection"

3. In Dubai, they are absolutely obsessed about facial tissue (i.e. kleenex). Taxis have from 3 to 4 open boxes, in the Burj Al Arab they put them (in a box made of gold of course) in every table, and in malls they have facial tissue vending machines!

4. There was a mosque next to the hotel, with huge speakers, waking us up at 6am every single day.

5. Corona was present!

6. Since there is no snow in the desert, they decided to build a closed ski station in the Emirates Mall:

7. And to close. Hummer limo, anyone?

It was an interesting experience, worthy of the 3 hour flight to Atlanta + the 15 hour flight to Dubai.

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