Friday, 7 December 2007

Jamaican beer and Durango Tequila

Kingston is the second most horrible place I've visited (only topped by Port Au Prince, Haiti).

There, I got to taste Red Stripe beer:

Red Stripe beer is a lager brewed in Kingston. It is light, but tasty. Not special, but not offensive.

What else I got to see in Kingston? Well, in John R Wong Supermarket (nope, no Wal-Mart or Target crap there, John R Wong is THE REAL DEAL) I decided to go to the liquor section. To my dismay, the only available Tequila was... [sound of expectation]


Durango??? What the heck is that????

Then I decided to read the label... bad idea. Tequila Durango is bottled in some city in Minnesota, USA.