Friday, 16 November 2007

Procrastinate Safely

Thanks to another blog (which I don't even remember) I fell on ... and I have to say it takes the Piero's "Internet Service of the Year Award".

Why? Well... how many times has your boss appeared over your should right when you are on some other blog, buying concert tickets, checking your personal email, modifying your hattrick team, or doing anything else that definitely doesn't turn into money for the company that pays you? 50 times a week? probably more?

Well... helps you to procrastinate freely.

For instance, today I was browsing in fsmex, an aviation related forum that I thoroughly enjoy. Had my boss appeared over my shoulder, he'd have seen this:

Instead, thanks to, he'd have seen a dull Word document. Dull enough to be confused with a Functional Requierements Specification or a response to a Request for Proposal.

All you have to do is to enter the website of your choice and it will be turned into an ugly word document. So ugly you'll perceived productivity will skyrocket!

It's perfect. Use it.

Cya soon.

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