Monday, 8 October 2007

What are you passionate about?

Reading Ojos' blog I remembered I can easily get hyped with tons of stuff. She says I'm "passionate", I think I have a problem with defining myself and what I like.

In the last 2 years I've been passionate about Scam Baiting (2 months), near death experiences (1 week) and anti-peje activism (6 months). However I could hardly say these were real passions.

There are also politics. I've always liked them. But I don't think I'm passionate about them...

After giving it some time, I think I only have 3 passions:
  1. Tennis
  2. Formula 1
  3. Commercial Aviation (I recommend MAYDAY, awsome TV Show!)
Commercial Aviation is actually giving me a hard time. At 25, is it too late to leave everything behind and learn to fly*?

Whatever, at this point it should be obvious for you that I'm lacking inspiration...

* Learn to Fly is a great song by the Foo Fighters

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