Tuesday, 18 September 2007

T-Shirts I want to own

The shipping fee, and the incompetence of DHL representatives in charge of taking the items out of the airport without increasing their price in 50% because of taxes, make it impossible for me to buy them (click to view bigger):

1. Binary People. A geeky classic:

2. Animated Retro Table Tennis Shirt:

These 2 are from ThinkGeek (stuff for the smart masses)

3. Procrastinators: Leaders of tomorrow (this one rocks hard!)

And finally, #4. "Shakespeare Hates your Emo Poems".

These 2 are from threadless (nude no more).

1 comment:

Mich said...

Jajaja, threadless es la neta y hace 2 semanas tuvieron un "sale", cualquier playera a 10.

Y comparto el truco para que te llegue cualquier cosa. Correo tradicional y que la etiqueta de customs diga "Gift, value: $5".