Tuesday, 14 August 2007

My Flight Routes - 1993 to Date -

I found a nice service: My Flight Memory, which is basically a personal flight log. It has a lot of fields you can fill apart from origin/destination like Airline, Airplane type, Airplane registration, cabin class, among others.

In order to honor simplicity, I didn't include every single flight, I just posted the routes I have travelled since I care (1993 when I did MEX-MAD). In total, I've flown 53 routes since 1993. 95% of them due to my job =).

Here's a map (click on it to view properly):

What that bunch of lines and airport codes mean is that I've flown 53 routes that I won't list here because it takes time and nobody cares anyway. The map looks like crap because most of the time I fly in central america / caribbean and thus most airports are too close to each other.

Even when nobody cares, I can post simpler data like:


1 Mexicana

2 American Airlines

3 Air France

4 Copa

5 United Airlines

6 Continental Airlines

7 Aeromexico


9 TAM Brazilian Airlines

10 Iberia

United Airlines



1 Airbus 320

2 Boeing 757

3 Airbus 319

4 Boeing 737

5 Airbus 300

6 Boeing 777

7 Boeing 747

8 McDonnell Douglas-88

Airbus 340

Airbus 318

And I'll throw some others of my own:

BEST VISITED AIRPORT - Paris De Gaulle (Panama takes over if you're in shopping mood)

WORST VISITED AIRPORT - Port Au Prince (special mention to Guatemala - La Aurora)

BEST AIRLINE(s): Air France and AeroMexico

WORST AIRLINE: A no brainer. American Airlines is the WORST airline on Earth by FAR

BEST AIRPLANE: Boeing 777 (AeroMexico and Air France)

WORST AIRPLANE: Boeing 747 (Air France and Iberia): no individual screen for a 10+ hour flight should be considered a murder attempt. Honorific mention to the A300 flown (of course) by American

Best looking crew (before feminists start complaining, let me say that this statistic is confirmed by male and female coworkers): TAM Brazilian Airlines by far.

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