Sunday, 5 August 2007

10 years later... it's just not the same!!!

Today I played Basketball with Giles and Silveyra, my 2 best friends from high school.

Back in High School we used to play up to 3 hours of continous basketball. Today... we only managed to play 1 hour (and we had to take breaks at minutes 20 and 40). I play tennis every saturday and really thought that was keeping me in good condition... Reality, horrible reality.

Not only my body suffered with age... but also my game. After scoring with one of my traditional "Pieranchos", Silveyra told me "I remember that move, but at a completely different speed!!" LOL, I'm slow and rusty now.

BTW, Giles and I defeated Veyra and Rich 21-18. As a rematch, we have decided to play against poverty in Somalia in 2 weeks.

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