Friday, 6 July 2007

Structured Procrastination

Often... very often, I post here in order to avoid more important things (like a functional specification or a RFP response).

I didn't know it was an identified behavior called Structured Procrastination.


What is Structured Procrastinarion? John Perry defines it as the art of making a good trait out of putting off important things to do.

What's the key? Identifying top priorities that 1) Seem to have very clear deadlines (but actually don't) and 2) Seem awfully important (but aren't). That way you can do less important, yet more interesting things and be recognized as a valuable member of your community.

The whole article by John Perry is here, and I got it from The Trendy Procrastinators Blog, where I got thanks to Kike's blogroll.

I'm going to stop procrastinating and get back to finish that Functional Specification for Mobile Banking. But first, a nice reflection:



Mich said...

Creo que te interesaría esta playera

Coller... said...

Ja! Está poca madre.

Tal vez la compre... mañana o el jueves...