Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Collective Soul - Afterwords - August 28th

Finally a release date and album cover!!! Afterwords is coming out on August 28th.

It sucks to be a Collective Soul fan in Mexico, because they'll only have hard copies for sale at Target, an American supermarket that doesn't ship to Mexico through their website. And as for downloads, I bet it will be only be in iTunes, which means I'd need an American Credit Card (and by American I mean billed INSIDE the USA), which of course I don't have.

Sum up that there's no chance they're coming back to Mexico anytime soon and you get the conclusion: "it sucks to be a Collective Soul fan in Mexico nowadays".

Of course I can always beg Michel to buy it at his nearest Target shop and wire him the money... Mich? :-P

Collective Soul is also touring with Live and Counting Crows. If you're Yank, you should go... 3 great bands for ~50 dollars.

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Mich said...


Pues va. Que diablos tiene Target que todos sacan discos exclusivos o con canciones extras ahí?

En una fiesta (ya borrachos) empezamos a hacer analogias y se llegó al concenso de que Target es como el Gigante en México.