Monday, 2 July 2007

8 things you didn't know (and didn't want to know) about me

OK I couldn't resist to post this either. The thing goes like this: you post 8 unknown facts about yourself and your readers are supposed to do the same on their blogs. It's like mail chains -that I hate- but this time I couldn't help it. Here I go:

1. I hate Mana. I'd rather listen to El Puma.

2. I watched every single episode of Mexican soap opera "Mirada de Mujer".

3. I like Gilmore Girls. Not because of them really, but because I find the dialogues smart and funny -you may start making fun of me now-

4. I love dancing Salsa. I'm not very good (Ojos has made me a fairly good dancer), but I like it.

5. I'm a capitalist pig. I voted for Calderon and would do it again. PAN is the party that most suits me.

6. I miss programming (not enough to work on that again, at least not under mexican employment conditions, which are terrible for programmers).

7. I'm a huge fan of Martina Hingis. There was a time in which I maintained a website dedicated to her. I'm a regular poster at

8. Even though I studied Computer Science, and that most Computer Engineers will crucify me for this, I think Microsoft software is overally GREAT (except for the media player).


ch1c0 s4b10 said...

Microsoft software gets the job done, at a reasonable price. Having strong brands that can be used to get into other markets helps a lot.

By the way, you could try to buy collective soul albums at, some people will ship to Mexico...

amargator said...

mmm wtf? Mirada de mujer?