Thursday, 14 June 2007

Landing at Tegucigalpa

For sure, the scariest landing I've experienced was at Tegucigalpa (Tonconting Airport).

For those who haven't lived the experience, let me describe it. It starts with the plane approaching to a mountain, it then turns left to approach the runway... and keeps turning left while it goes down... and then after some seconds... the thing is still going down and turning.

5 seconds before touching ground it finally stops turning left and lands. It's a unique experience.

To illustrate it, please find below a footage of an American Airlines Boeing 757 (largest plane that can land there) taken from a nearby mountain. Enjoy.


Any Given Chilango said...

Y yo que pensaba que aterrizar en la Ciudad de México era riesgoso...

Coller... said...

No no. Si este es toda una experiencia. De hecho pienso proponérselo a los de Disneyworld