Thursday, 24 May 2007

New Collective Soul album!!!!!

I'm a HUGE Collective Soul fan. They're my favorite band since 1994 when "Hints, Allegations and Things Left Unsaid" came out, with Shine as their first mainstream single.

It's been a long run since! and 13 years leater they're coming out with their seventh album. I'm very excited!!!

The first song is "Hollywood" (which BTW is also the album title). Here's a video of the band playing it live:

First I thought it was too much pop. But since the second time I heard it I've been hooked. Collective Soul bloody rocks!


Mich said...

I don't want to upset you but... don't you think it's a Queen's ""under pressure" ripoff?

Just coincidence?
Or am I going crazy?

Marcos Legaspi said...

why it don't feel the same

Coller... said...

uhmmm maybe it's too late but I still can't locate the ripoff. I'll try tomorrow morning