Friday, 23 March 2007

Río Boat Party!!!!

My last day at Río was by far the best!!!! (starting with the fact I didn't have to spend 12 hours at the Gemalto office over there).

I woke up around 10, went through the checkout process (a very stressing one since I didn't know if the credit card payment I made the day before had gone through). Once I was done with that I made another useless attempt to ask for a cab in portuguese.

I got to the Marina Da Gloria at 12.30 (almost missed the boat!)... The Casablanca boat departed half an hour later with everything ready... Caipirinhas -get the official recipe here!-, Beer, guaraná and two bottles of tequila -courtesy of Thomas, a Mexico-based Technical Consultant who happened to be there for some other event-

(BTW, Gustavo, who holds the same position as me, but based in Brazil, was the birthday guy)

At some point the boat stopped and we were all supposed to go down and swim. However, water was so bloody cold that nobody stayed more than 2 minutes. (Quick question, why most brazilians swim in girly bikinis?)

Music varied from electronic... to electronic... and some zamba and those brazilian songs they put at weddings (at least in Mexico) - Braaaasilllll, nanananananananaaaaaaa- -a e i o u- etc etc... (I hate them).

Well, just in case you were curious, this is how you end up after 3 caipirinhas, 8 glasses of beer, and one shot of Cachaza Germanica (R):

The picture is also evidence of the 2+ kilos of meat, 2 kilos of seafood and many, many litters of Chopp I had.

Once the boat got back I hurried to the international airport, where TAM managed to scare the hell out of me by starting to board an HOUR LATER than planned. I arrived to Sao Paulo half an hour before the Aeromexico flight was about to depart. I was lucky to find some proactive Aeromexico staff who dispatched me real fast, and got home safely.

So... my portuguese doen't work, my diet isn't working either, but it was still worth it. Brazil rocks :)

Now the nicest part was to pick Ojos at the airport the following morning. She's back from Miami where she had a shopping frenezi (that included clothes for me yey!)


Manfred said...

Heck I dont even look like that after 15 beers and 5 whiskeys lol...u really had it bad man haha.

Most brazilians swim in girly bikinis so that u can exactly see what they wore when they take it off...the bikini lines and such.

I am thinking I should follow teh same diet ;)

amargator said...

mmmm por

amargator said...

psss sí, bonita dieta... jajajaja