Monday, 26 March 2007


Working on technology is usually not nice: you work until late and everyone is pointing at you when something bad happens (that's when it's not big, when it's big they insult you)...

However, when it comes to free, spontaneus fun, technology is the best workfield. The reason?? Clients!!!! Some companies don't like to spend a lot on people. That means the people they tend to hire aren't always smart... let alone smart... they aren't always... unstupid.

The following are jewels I've got to hear or see from clients :)

"How much is a PIXEL in CENTIMETERS?"

- From a Televisa code:

'Set x at 0
'Ask if x is 0... like if there was any other choice, you just set it at 0!!!!
'So if it is 0 -which by the way is the only reason you could have make it to this line, make it be '0... just to make sure
'And now end the code block. The first line was good enough, thank you.

- From a member of Telcel's engineering department:
"So, this token thing, is it like a ringtone?"
The presentation was about the tokens you probably use to enter internet banking.

- From another member of Telcel's engineering department:
"Can you tell me what my requirements are?"
And a week later:
"I didn't understand what my requirements are? Can you explain it to me in great detail?"

- From a Client in Panama:
"Can you give us the name of your competition and their data?" I need them so I can invite them to fight you for this project"

If you have any tale from inDUHviduals you'd like to share, please post a comment :)

BTW, the inDUHvidual concept was stolen from The Dilbert's Blog

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